Thursday, October 20, 2011

War Eagle

Last Saturday was a full day for us. After we returned from Baker's Farm, Paul and I headed to the Auburn vs Florida game. Some friends were so sweet to think of inviting us, and we couldn't wait to watch a game. We had a wonderful time tailgating, touring Auburn's campus, and of course cheering the Tigers onto a victory. The stadium is full of energy and school spirit--there is never a dull moment which adds such a fun atmosphere to the game (much different than Kentucky football, but not any different than a Kentucky basketball game!). It was a great day with friends-thanks Priest's! War Eagle :)
PS. After the game, we were walking out and randomly ran into one of my brother's best friends from college. He lives in Lexington, KY but was in town for a bachelor's party. Such a small world! I mean, really, what were the chances we would run into him in a stadium that holds about 87,000 people!?!

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Mary Ann McMillan said...

so jealous you were here!glad you guys had fun!