Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Came To Town

Last week some of Paul's family came in town to visit. We LOVE company--and especially family. We all aren't going to be able to get together for the holidays this year, so this time was much needed. We stayed busy, but also enjoyed some downtime at our house. 

Once again, I neglected to get my camera out, so these pictures are courtesy of Lottie (which explains why she isn't in them). 

Park time.
These two are one week apart:

These two swinging buddies are 6 months apart:
And now we are both expecting our 3rd within a month of each other-so fun!

The crew minus Lottie-Dottie

We took a trip to IJump and the kids AND adults loved it! It's basically a bunch of inflatable jumping toys. We managed to sneak a picture of Lottie enjoying the slide with Micah.
Baby play area.
The morning ended with our JBird being fussy.
Once I picked her up, I realized she had a fever-which began our weekend of sickness. Micah woke up in the middle of Friday night with a stomach bug and high fever. Yuck. Thankfully, a high fever is all Jordan ever had.

It was also my sweet husband's birthday this past Saturday. We had to readjust our plans due our sick kiddos. We did manage to celebrate the October boys birthdays while Paul's family was in town. 

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