Friday, October 21, 2011

Innocent Haystacks...

...resulted in a trip to the Children's ED :(

**Warning: LONG STORY**

You may remember this picture from my previous post:
Yes, my son is proudly flexing his muscles as he climbed these haystacks in a matter of seconds. Oh so proud, and standing on top of the moon...almost literally ;) We stood at the bottom encouraging him to "cheese" as we took some pictures. And then it happened. Within seconds of us putting our cameras down, Micah didn't say a word but decided to jump off from the very top. We didn't have time to respond to his actions. Micah looked like a flying squirrel coming down...not sure if he thought he was Superman or what!?! He luckily landed on his stomach, face and arms on about 4 inches of loose hay. I didn't think he was going to be able to move.  I was in shock. No tears, just utter shock. You can imagine the relief we felt as parents when he looked up and started crying. Thank you Lord, that he didn't break his neck! Paul immediately went over and picked him up and we were amazed that there was not a scratch, bruise, busted lip, or broken bone to be seen. I thought we would be seeing blood or at least a large goose egg on his head. He cried hard for about 10-15 minutes and complained of a headache, but that was it. It definitely scared him to death and he kept saying, "I'm never doing that again." We got some fluids in him and then he was ready to play again. I carefully watched him for the rest of the morning as I was afraid of a concussion or internal bleeding of some sort, but no signs showed up. When questioning why he decided to jump, he told us that he had seen another girl jump off, so he wanted to try it too.

A few minutes after this traumatizing incident, a guy who worked there and had seen what happened came up to us to check on Micah. He was glad he was okay and basically told me, "Man, I wouldn't even jump off of that. You've got yourself a real man." He went on to say that each haystack is 5 feet tall, but because they are stacked onto each other that probably takes off at least a 1/2 ft...making the height Micah jumped from about 16-18 ft tall! That morning he had decided to rake some loose hay at the bottom of the haystacks--just in case someone fell off. Well, once again, thank you Lord for the loose hay!!

Sunday morning came and thinking he might be sore from the fall, I immediately asked him how he was feeling? He said, "I'm okay Mom. God protected me. He caught me when I fell." about melting a Mom's heart! 

Our day went on as normal as we went to church, came home and rested, and then went to Small Group that evening. Paul had to work at church that night, so I took the kids to Small Group solo. On the way home from Small Group Micah had been watching a movie and as soon as we pulled into the garage he told me to turn it off (he usually begs me to keep it on). Thankfully, Paul pulled into the garage about the same time, because as soon as we got into the house Micah started screaming of a headache asking me to hold him and rub his head. And I mean screaming uncontrollably and kicking his legs everywhere. It was also hard for him to keep his eyes open and they kept rolling back into his head. I've never seen him act like that and it scared me to death. My immediate thought was that he had an internal head injury, but I did notice his head was a little warm, so I took his temperature. He had a low-grade fever of 100.4. After talking to my parents (and him continuing to yell the whole time), I called my doctor's office and left a message. While waiting for them to return my call, Micah threw up all over me and then said his headache was gone. By this point, I began to think it may be something viral, but after telling the doctor about the 16-18ft jump, she wanted him to be taken to the Emergency Department. We headed that way about 9:15pm and after vomiting in the waiting room, they took us right back. After hearing the story, the doctor's were amazed that Micah didn't have a scratch on him from his jump, which gave us another opportunity to give God the glory. They monitored him and after getting a second opinion decided to do a CT scan. Thankfully, it came back completely normal, so the conclusion was that it was something viral related. They allowed us to leave and we returned home at 1am with one sick and tired boy. By Monday night, we had our little boy back again! I've never been this scared as a parent, but am so thankful the Lord protected him.


Rachel Rainer said...

Oh my word Kari. How scary! So thankful for the Lord's protection on Micah! Love you!

Mitch and Erin Owen said...

Bless your hearts! So glad Micah is okay!!!

The Hawkins said...

Oh, wow!! Sorry and so glad to hear of our Fathers protection! Thought of you this past weekend, we went to a fallish thing but they had a slide! Micah would have loved it!