Sunday, September 11, 2011

UK Football, Mascots, and Bball Players

While in Louisville, my parents decided to take Micah to his first UK football game (he went at 6 months old, but that doesn't count). It was a daytime game, so we briefly tailgated where he got to meet these guys:
Overall, he did extremely well considering the length of football games. He enjoyed watching the game and cheering the CATS on, dancing to all music, and trying to find the mascots. Before the game, my Mom had told Micah that he was going to meet the Wildcat that day...slight mistake :) Therefore, during the game, Micah was really confused as to why the Wildcat never came near him. He looked intently through his binoculars keeping his eye on the Cat in hopes that it would come his way. Well, that never happened.
At halftime we took Micah on a search to find the Wildcat, but instead ran into a bunch of UK basketball players. I may or may not have used Micah as an excuse to get a few pictures ;)

Doron Lamb (my personal fav)
and Terrance Jones
Once we walked away Micah asked, "Why are they so mad?" Haha. I guess he even picked up on the players annoyance of picture taking.

Towards the end of the 4th quarter, my Mom took charge and walked Micah around the stadium to where the Wildcat was located. We walked in and there was two front seats open that we quickly plopped down in. The Wildcat search was on.

Watching and patiently waiting...
At last!!!!
One happy camper and a promise fulfilled. Thanks Mom :)
On the way home sporting his new Kentucky jersey that Poppi bought him.

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Blair said...

What a fun day!! Loved watching Micah experience UK football for the first time. Go Cats :)