Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Visit

Once again, we flew to Lville for my Great Aunt's 90th birthday celebration. The birthday party was actually in Ohio, but it was just easier to fly to KY first and then drive up with my family. Paul was away at an amazing conference up north, so it worked out well to be away for a few days. The weather was sort of blah, but we made the most of it and went outside after the rain passed through. I'm so thankful for Southwest direct flights-the prices and one hour flights have been too good to be true!
Lovin' the longer hair for pigtails-YAY! She is looking so much more like a big girl.
Micah getting to drive GiGi's corvette and loving it!
Miss Priss seeing Lion King 3D
Enjoying some precious time with my nieces as we babysat them for a few hours...
...Jordan was a good little helper ;)

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Blair said...

Hadn't seen a pic of JK with pigtails... adorable! And your kiddos in their rain gear... too cute!