Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vday Fondue

We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day. Basically, we had a sick little girl and didn't feel right getting a sitter just in case she woke up screaming. We thought JK was teething, but when I took her to her 9 month checkup I was informed that she had a double ear infection. Ugh. Not fun. I felt horrible for not picking this up quicker, but she never tugged on her ears or had a fever...only a runny nose, fussiness, and difficult sleeping. Since then, she has developed a 102 fever and bad cough :(

Anyway, we decided to stay in on Valentine's. Paul really wanted to do fondue since we hadn't done that in over 2 years. Fondue is probably one of his favorite meals, and he was really excited about it. To be honest, I didn't want to cook, but it ended up being a really easy dinner to get together...basically Paul did most of the cooking AND the clean up :) We had originally planned to wait until Micah was asleep to eat, but that didn't happen as we both we pretty hungry. Micah ended up learning how to fondue with us and he loved it. What a fun evening with my boy's!


Blair said...

Let's go to the Melting Pot next time you and Paul are in town :)

jrrainer said...

I miss having fondue with you guys! When we get together (hopefully in March) we will have to fondue it up! ;) And I will help cook and clean up!!

Love you!