Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Growing Up Slowly

The other night I was putting Micah to bed and it just hit me that my little boy would be THREE in two months. We had the sweetest little conversation that I hope I'll always remember:

Me: "Micah, I don't want you to grow up."
Micah: "But, I want to grow up."
Me: "Why?"
Micah: "Because I want to work like Daddy."
Me: "Well, promise you won't grow up fast."
Micah: "Okay Mom. I'll grow up slowly. Don't worry."

A few days later, Paul came home from work and said, "Micah, you're getting to be a big boy." Micah looked back at Paul with a serious face and said, "No! I'm growing slowly." This totally melted my heart. If only he really would grow up slowly. Too bad I cannot freeze time because it sure seems to be flying.


Jenn and Chris said...

sweet sweet boy! i love it :) hope you guys are doing well. we miss you!

Mary Ann McMillan said...