Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reunited in Auburn

Our good friend and coworker from Jordan, Katie, grew up in Alabama and only lives about 2 hours from us. God is so good how He placed us so close to her! Recently she invited us to her home for the weekend and for the Auburn vs. Georgia football game. We hadn't seen her since the end of July, so we couldn't wait to catch up. We had such a wonderful time at her house and her family was beyond hospitable.
We did some Wii was quite entertaining.
Katie and Jordan
Micah attempting to Wii dance too. Ha.
It was our first time to experience an Auburn game and it didn't let us down. It was such an amazing experience-that place is full of school pride and energy. It was also Micah's first full college football game (that he can remember-he went to one at like 6mos). We were a little worried at how he'd do but with all the cheering, people, mascots, dancers, and football, he was quite entertained. He was passed around from person to person but he actually lasted until the 4th quarter...then we had to walk him around the stadium. Considering he had no nap that day, he did great.

Funny story...In August my mother-in-law had bought this outfit for Micah when we returned home from the Middle East. Before heading to the Auburn game I was looking through Micah's closet for something navy or orange (Auburn's colors) to pack for the game. I saw this outfit which had a football player wearing both navy and orange and thought it was perfect. Later Paul pointed out that the football player's number was #2, which is also Auburn's best player, Cam Newton's, number. Needless to say, we had many compliments on his outfit that day.
Hard core tailgating with delicious food!
Micah loved this game, although he really didn't know what he was doing.
Game time!!
My sweet boys.
Yelling "War Eagle"-which he still runs around our house saying.
While tailgaiting, I also ran into a friend that I had met at a camp called JH Ranch and hadn't seen since (which was in 2002). Unfortunately, I ran after her and didn't have my camera nearby :( It was such a fun weekend and nice to get away from Birmingham. We are so thankful for the invite by Katie and her family!!

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