Monday, February 8, 2010

Training them Young

Lately, Paul has been a dedicated runner. I'm impressed with him, because most of the time it has been wayyy too cold outside-plus, there are so many big hills around us. I am so out of shape these days, so it puts me to shame :) I miss running like crazy and cannot wait to get back to a country where it is socially acceptable for women.

Paul also has been doing some sit-ups and push-ups after his run. The other day I was cooking and Paul called me in the room. I came in to find Micah imitating Paul doing his sit-ups. It was too funny. Micah was doing more of "butt-raises"-he couldn't figure it out. Haha.
Paul teaching Micah proper technique :)

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Blair said...

Love these pics! Your boys put me to shame too. Tell Micah he can help me get in shape when ya'll get back to the states.