Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bible Study

My sweet friends and Bible study girls...
...our men...
...and two of our little boys (the other little boy, James, was sleeping)
One thing that I've really enjoyed about living in Jordan is the community of people that we have gotten to know. The support and encouragement is definitely much needed in this area of the world. I also have loved being a part of a Bible Study with two girls. We recently finished Beth Moore's study on The Patriarchs and have just started Esther. It has been good for me to have the weekly fellowship, accountability of studying God's Word, and friendships. Plus, we all are in similar stages of life as we each have one little boy, two of us are expecting a second baby this year, and all of us will be leaving Jordan by August. We each will be headed different directions after this, so I'm so thankful for the short time that the Lord allowed our paths to cross.

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