Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Right when we returned home from Kenya, Micah surprised us and started climbing out of his crib. He is a sneaky little fellow :) We had not planned on switching him to a "big boy bed" or starting potty training until we moved back to the States in August. However, after he continued to climb out and bumped his head a few times while doing so, this made us change our so called "plans". Paul and I quickly did some major reading as far as how to transition his move best, and then we went out and bought this:
Thankfully, we live in a furnished apartment and there was already a twin bed in Micah's room that he could use. Let me tell you, for the first few days, this was difficult. It took about a week for him to adjust. The first night he got out of his bed over 150 times-no joke. We continually put him back in bed, tucked him in, and explained that this was his new bed and he had to stay here until morning. Nap times were not easy either. To be honest, I began dreading bedtime and nap time. Paul and I were completely drained by the time we finally got Micah down. However, as the week progressed, he got up less and less and is now sleeping like a champ. He is proud of his bed and I guess our consistently paid off after all. I think we both now are actually grateful that this adjustment took place before Jordan arrives and before we move back to the States!


Leslie and Thomas said...

When are ya'll coming back! yay, are you going to be in WF? - Leslie

Blair said...

Yay for the Big Boy Bed! Way to go Micah!