Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jumping Castle

This past weekend we threw a little neighborhood birthday party for Micah. All week, the neighborhood kids were counting down the day till his party. And let me just tell you, the word spreads fast around here! 

On Friday, we had a knock on the door and there were three girls standing there when I opened the door. I had seen their faces several times, but did not know their names. One of the girls asked, "Is tomorrow Micah's birthday party?" So of course I answered "Yes." Then she goes on and asked, "Will you order a jumping castle for us?" 

Let me first just show you what a "jumping castle" exactly is...

I'm sure you all have seen these and probably even jumped on them before. 

Well, I politely told them, "No, sorry we won't be ordering that this year." Once I closed the door, Paul and I just started dying laughing! Our 1 year old can hardly stand-much less jump! Who asks that? I mean, seriously!?! But people here are obsessed with these things-they are constantly being set up all over our neighborhood for different parties. 

Despite not having the "jumping castle" for the day, we had a great party and a lot of fun with the kids around here. It was one cra-zy afternoon for sure and left our house a complete mess! Paul was my hero though and swept and even mopped after everyone left! He is wonderful :) 

The food minus the cupcakes.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"

The Birthday Boy with his party hat that lasted all about 30 seconds!

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Blair said...

What a sweet way to celebrate your little man's b-day. It looks like Micah is loved by many. So glad to see everyone loving on him. Hope he had a great one!

PS~ Can we order a jumping castle for when we come? Please?!