Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friends and Fans

Have you ever met someone and just felt like you have known them for years? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I met my friend Leslie. Last year we met in an evangelism class as Southeastern and immediately clicked. She is so sweet and is one of the most creative and artsy girls I know. I wish we could have spent more time together before I moved overseas, but we met right before Micah was born and then my world was turned upside down as we moved several times before finally landing in Africa. 

However, God is good and actually placed us in the same city as her in-laws, so this past weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with her as she was here helping with a VBS. I had been looking forward to seeing her for a long time and was oh so thankful that she snuck in some free time to see me. She was full of surprises for me as well as she brought cake mix and icing for my birthday, a package full of goodies from my sister, and another gift from a mutual friend. What fun :)

We had a wonderful time together and were excited when we found out we would be getting to see each other again. Since her in-laws are from North Carolina, they were sad to hear that my poor husband had to wake up at 3am to listen (NOT watch) the Final Four game of UNC vs. Villanova. Since they have satellite TV, they had pity on him and invited us to spend the night for the championship game so that Paul could actually watch his first game the season. That sure made us both happy as I got to see my friend again and Paul got to see his team play, dominate, and WIN the NCAA.  Needless to say, we had a great time and are so thankful for good friends!

Taking a lunch break on our way out to visit our friends.

I love you Leslie!! It was great to see you. Come back soon :)

And after waking up at 4am for the game, my sweet boy totally crashed that afternoon. But he would tell you it was worth it for sure!


Blair said...

So glad you enjoyed your time with Leslie. Thankful for her willingness to cart my gifts overseas. Also excited Paul got to watch UNC. Love you!

Leslie and Thomas said...

Yay! I just now checked out your blog. I had such a great time with you too! I'm really thankful we got the opportunity to hang out, I'm so glad we met. :) - Leslie