Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Santa! I know him."

Friday morning we packed up, embraced the craziness of the holiday season, and took our kids to the mall to see Santa. The line was loooonnnnggg, so we decided to walk around the mall for a while, which led us to this: 
It was both of our kids first carousel ride, and they loved it. Jordan wasn't so sure about it at first, but once we got moving, she had fun. We ran into a few other families from church too, which made Micah's day to see his friends.
After our little detour, we headed back to conquer the unending Santa line. It took us awhile to get through it, so we had a long time to observe all the other children visiting Santa. Micah couldn't wait to get in his lap, and Jordan was enjoying saying, "Ho, ho, ho" as we waited. Finally our time arrived :)
This picture sums it up... typical of my kids personalities if you know them! Haha. Jordan was the first kid we heard cry that day, but it made for a great picture and wonderful memory.
Poor girl with tears getting rescued by her Daddy. It was a great family day and I know we will enjoy looking at this picture in years to come :)

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Blair said...

Great picture of Micah on the carousal. And even better pic of JK freaking out with Santa! Typical.