Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutu Girl

Sweet Lottie (and Granddaddy) bought Jordan an adorable little leopard tutu for her birthday, so we just had to try it out. Our girl is definitely the princess of the house, so this was perfect :)
While we were taking pictures of Jordan, Micah decided that he wanted to "go for a run" around our yard. He had put his watch on earlier and I'm guessing he associated his watch with running-just like his daddy does :)
Later that evening we tried out a new park nearby in hopes of finding a baseball game to watch. Well, we had no luck finding an actual game, but saw lots of teams practicing on the fields. The kids immediately eyeballed the playground, so we ended up spending the majority of our time there. Jordan is just learning about slides and absolutely loves them.
I think I forgot to mention that Jordan is walking. Two days after she got her tubes in her ears she was off and there was no stopping her. It took a few days to really get her balance, but now she's moving all around just fine. She was already pretty independent, but now it's even more noticeable.

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Blair said...

LOVE the tutu! So cute! Why didn't I see this when I was visiting? I would have died. And good for Micah for running. I'm starting back tomorrow so he can be my motivation!