Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A "Taste" of Home

The other day Micah came home from preschool with a rolled up piece of blue construction paper. I almost threw it away as I thought it was just a piece of scrap paper that he had played with at school. Luckily, before my instincts kicked in, I found a note titled "A Taste of Home" in his backpack explaining that I was supposed to decorate it with pictures and/or some of his favorite things. His teacher then would have it eliminated and it would serve as his placemat for snack and lunch time. What a creative idea. Ours is very basic, but it's perfect for our 2 year old.


Blair said...

Love this creative idea for little ones. The finished product looks great! You are such a great momma and I admire the way you teach Micah-man and Jordan about God's love for them as well as the importance of family. Love you!

Carmel said...

I love this idea!! What a creative pre-school teacher and Mommy!!