Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It has been unusually pouring down rain for the past two days. January is considered dry season and is HOT HOT HOT. The rain has been nice and cooled things down a bit, but is no fun to get out in. However, Friday afternoon our family loaded up and drove to the doctor for Micah's 9 month check-up. It rained steadily the whole way there, but as soon as we entered the building, there was a major down pour. Luckily we missed getting totally drenched! 

I was anxious to meet a Pediatrician-just in case an emergency were to pop up. When we arrived in Kenya, I was surprised to see how many Pediatricians there was to choose from. Thankfully, before I even arrived in Africa, a good family friend had recommended one to us that she works with on short term medical trips. And God is so good, because his office is literally right up the road from us (about 3 miles-but took about 10 minutes because of traffic). Since we are in a big city and traffic can be horrible, it was important to me to have Micah's doctor nearby. Dr. Stephen Muhudia is a wonderful Christian man, very personable, and seemed very competent in his skills. He was excited to meet us as he had heard of us from Mrs. Webster-which was so nice and made us feel a little more at home. Thanks Mrs. Webster for recommending him to us! :) 

Well, our appointment was pretty uneventful as Micah is a healthy little one. He was now old enough to get his Yellow Fever shot and is eligible to get his 3rd Hep B shot anytime now. We probably will return in a few weeks to do this. Micah now weighs 9.1 kg (a little over 20 lbs) and is 70 cm (27 1/2 inches) tall-about the 50% for both. We were surprised to hear that even though Micah's gums are swollen, that his teeth look to be about 2 months away. Paul and I keep thinking they will pop up any day now-guess we are way wrong! 

On a side note, I am realizing more and more the importance of adjusting to the International System of Units because it applies to everything I do here-cooking, shopping, driving, and now even going to the doctor! Nursing school prepared me a little for this, but I definitely have needed a bit of refreshing. 


Lindsey said...

thats awesome that you found such a great doctor! the whole akin crew looks great :)

Lori said...

Kari Berry, girl that I love, are you there? I love hearing little bits and pieces about your life in Africa! I pray for you guys and love you lots! Lori Bordas