Saturday, January 3, 2009

Have Yourself a Turkish Little Christmas

Most of our trip to Turkey was spent touring, but for Christmas we just chilled around the house. The best part of the trip was being with family over the Christmas holiday. 
We had a wonderful day relaxing at the house, opening presents, and just enjoying being together.
 We also were so excited to meet our precious nephew, Levi, for the first time. He is two months old and is the most relaxed, laid back baby-just like his sweet mommy! We shall see if that changes over the years and if he gets some of his dad's feistiness in him! Anyway, here are a few pictures from the actual Christmas day.  Love and miss all of you already!
Christmas Eve with our little ones in their cute Christmas pjs 

Don't these two just look so excited about Christmas!?! :)
Our wonderful hosts for the whole week-with our newest additions! We love you all!
All the boys hanging out Christmas day
The whole crew out to eat for Christmas dinner at a good Italian restaurant
Had to get a family picture for Micah's 1st Christmas-although it is not the best of him! Oh well...


Tim and Anna said...

We had so much fun with yall! Micah is so much fun and so adorable! I am so glad the boys got to spend their first Christmas together. We cannot wait to see you in Africa, if only it was a little closer ; ) Love you tons!

Laura Jo said...

Love reading all about your adventures! Micah is absolutely adorable! Thinking and praying for you and your family.

Lauren Williams said...

hey, i love the christmas pics, i think you all are losing weight there! i got your facebok message, i just laughed when you wrote thad! were thinking of you alot!miss you