Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! It makes me sad that I'm not there with my family to celebrate, but thankfully I have wonderful memories that keep me going. Here is a quick list of what I will miss back home...
  1. Family!!
  2. Magnolia Hill decorations
  3. Jon, Ash, and Maddy coming in town
  4. the Akin boys talking 100 mph
  5. Charlotte's cooking
  6. Traveling to home, sweet home and seeing the house all decorated
  7. Getting together with extended family
  8. Decorating the tree
  9. Singing "Turkey Day" with my sisters :)
  10. Games with the cousins
  11. a Thanksgiving jog
  12. the "kids" table
  13. Football
  14. COLD weather (Africa is a little too warm for the holidays!)
  15. Seeing old friends
Here are a few pictures from last years Thanksgiving...
 All the girls squeezing together after our Thanksgiving meal

      My wonderful family minus the kids table
The Akin clan (we miss you Tim and Anna!)

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